Smart management of
insects, weeds, and disease


Automate the process of insect trapping and counting with our novel insect traps. Collect real-time trap data from your fields or orchards. Set up the traps at the beginning of the growing season and let them do the work for you. Monitor your pest populations from your computer or smartphone. Catch problems early. Use pesticides with more precision.

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Detect, count, and report target pests

Onboard microcontroller is programmed to detect the target pest and report data wirelessly to our OpenScout software.

Unique detection sensor

Our traps use a unique, patented, bio-impedance sensor that measures the discrete impedance property of an object that hits the sensor and determines if the signature matches the profile of the target pest.

Easy to deploy and maintain

Custom rechargeable batteries are designed to last through a season of trapping. Easily deploy in the field and view data from your web or mobile app. Uses standard pheromone lures.

We believe that, when it comes to their crops, growers are the first and best decision-makers.


Spensa is Latin for storehouse. Our goal is to help protect your crops from threats so you can fill your storehouses. We do that by creating tools that provide valuable, timely, and relevant insights.

Our agricultural models are transparent, visual, and configurable to your needs. We believe that no one can make better decisions about their crops than the grower, and technology should be used as a force-multiplier for human decisions — not a replacement for them.

Data distribution

We have easy point-and click alerts to allow you to communicate pest problems to all stakeholders in visual and easy to understand formats. Send reports directly from the field, via email, or in printed form to review with the grower in person. Set up reports for automatic distribution on any schedule.

Data science

We put trusted university models to work with thousands of data points collected in our tools. Combined with accurate and local weather data and environmental condition data we can help you predict problems and assess economic impact.

Prioritize fields with growth stage modeling, predict moth flight and egg hatch timing with phenology models, evaluate economic impact of treatments and timing, and visualize risks in your fields.

Data collection

There is no substitute for boots in the field. Spensa's solution gives you the best of all worlds — in-field human judgment for spotting and documenting insect, weed, and disease problems; real-time Z-Traps for time-sensitive response to insect populations; world-class short-term, long-term, and historical weather from local stations; and high-resolution maps of yield and fertility.

The team

Spensa is an eclectic group of engineers, designers, business people, and ag specialists. We're passionate about solving growers' problems.
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