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growers informed, and
salespeople looking like heroes.
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Easily record what you see

Keep scouting efficient. Easily record notes and photos as you walk your fields. Your observations are automatically geo-tagged and time-stamped for easy retrieval and visualization. Give observations a severity rating to prioritize problems.

Automatically track each scout's path

Automatically record a scout’s path through a field.

  • Get credit for your thoroughness
  • Easily recall where the scouts have been
  • Demonstrate scouts were in the field (even when no pests were found)

Customize your pest library

Take full control of your pest library. Configure lists so that scouts only see relevant pests for the crop and region they're scouting.

Visual, custom-branded reporting

Easily send compelling, visual scouting reports. Send directly from the field via email or print out reports to review with the grower in person.

Visualize high-level trends across all your acres

OpenScout lets you visualize high-level trends
on a per-pest basis across all of the acres you manage.