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Introducing the Spensa Z-Trap (1:31)

The Z-Trap attracts, zaps, and measures insects, then delivers pest data in near-realtime. Catch problems early and use pesticides with more precision for increased yields.

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MyTraps and Trapping Insights (2:36)

Introducing Spensa's MyTraps and Trapping Insights technology. Collect and visualize pest information from traps, optimize the timing of pest control decisions, and more.

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Cloud Technologies That Are Shaping the Future of Farming

Only 17% of farmers currently use cloud computing; for those 83% of farmers and agronomists just getting introduced to cloud technology, where should you start? This eBook introduces three cloud technologies that you can begin to implement in your agriculture plan: Spensa Technologies, USDA's Object Modeling System, and Conservis.

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3 Ways Specialty Crop Farmers Can Protect Yields with Precision Ag Tech

To keep up with rising populations and income growth, global food production must increase dramatically in order to feed the world. In recent years, specialty crops have accounted for 30 to 40 percent of the total value of U.S. crops, and farmers are finding new ways to protect those yields using precision ag technology.

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4 Ag Experts Weigh In on the Future of Precision Ag Tech

Precision agriculture is a hot topic in the ag tech sector, and the ag industry is contuinally evolving and changing each season. Because of the changes in the ag industry as a whole (and more specifically in precision ag tech), the Spensa team decided to dig deeper and understand what growers, agronomists, and ag business owners believe about the future of growing.

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Scouting System

Explore the Spensa Scouting System — a workflow of AP tools that helps you prioritize fields and inform control decisions to work faster and make money for you and your growers.

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Scouting Module

Keep scouting efficient, growers informed, and salespeople looking like heros with the Spensa AP Scouting Module.

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Z-Trap 1: Automated and Connected Insect Monitoring

Spensa's Z-Trap automates the process of insect trapping and counting with our internet-enabled smart traps.

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Spensa's Dynamic PhenologyTM

Spensa's Dynamic Phenology uses real time trap counts to estimate the adult population in the field.

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Spensa's Economic Impact Tool

Make more informed decisions about the cost/benefit of treating specific pest problems, and see when treatment will have its greatest impact.

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Spensa Scouting Insights

Enhance your scouting data with actionable insights into crop growth stage models, long-term weather, and economic impact. Enable more advanced and efficient decision making about pest-related problems pertaining to insects, weeds, and disease.

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Spensa Trapping Insights

Step up from data recording to decision-making with Trapping Insights. Optimize the timing of control decisions for maximum efficiency through Dynamic PhenologyTM and gain access to pest alerts and trend data for predictive insights.

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Precision Dispatch

With Precision Dispatch, direct scouts to the right place at the right time, provide detailed instructions, and effectively optimize their time in the field with every trip.

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Trapping System

Spensa's Agronomic Platform Trapping Module is a mobile trap data collection system that visualize and collects pest information from traps, all within a single, easy-to-use interface.

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Crop Planning

The Spensa AP Crop Planning Module lets you work hand-in-hand with your growers to plan each field's input purchases and agronomic strategy.

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Soil Sampling

Your start-to-finish soil sampling workflow is now available right in the Spensa Scouting System. From ordering, to lab results, to delivering a report, the entire Soil Sampling process can be accomplished start to finish from a tablet device.

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Spensa Sentinel

Meet the Sentinel, Spensa's newest automated and connected insect monitoring system. Sentinel is a smart, internet-enabled insect camera trap that uses deep learning algorithms to count target insects in near real-time.

Case study

Willard Ag Case Study

Willard scouts each save nearly an hour a day by streamlining how they record trip observations and compile and send reports using Spensa's OpenScout technology.