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The Spensa Agronomic Platform helps you work faster, make money for you and your growers, and look like a hero.

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It's a set of tools built to meet your needs...

Get just the functionality you need by selecting from the Spensa AP's tool packages:

Field Work

Field Work

Scouting, trapping, crop planning, soil sampling: essential management tools in a single package

Field Analysis

Field Analysis

Maximize your efficiency with Scouting Analysis, Precision Dispatch, and lab integrations



Scouting Insights, Trapping Insights, and Imagery help you make the very best decisions

...which fit together for the perfect scouting system.

See an example below of how Spensa’s tools work together to provide a complete scouting workflow:

Prioritize your fields to catch problems early

Spensa's proprietary models let you prioritize fields and better anticipate which ones will need your attention. Get insights into corn foliar disease, insect presence, and growth stage.

Then mobilize and dispatch your teams

The Precision Dispatch™ tool makes it easier than ever to communicate clearly with your team, visit every grower's fields on time, and find more problems.

Teams gather high-quality data from the field

Spensa's intuitive scouting app lets scouts collect quantitative and agronomically relevant data about the problems they find.

That data yields economic impact estimates

Spensa's Economic Impact Engine™ uses scouting data to estimate the financial impact of problems and treatments.

Those estimates let your prioritize grower contacts

We send your team weekly scouting results showing observations prioritized by their economic importance.

Put it all together in a winning summary

We make it easy for you to send detailed, visual, and professional custom-branded reports to your clients at any time.

Take a guided tour

See the Spensa Scouting System in action, from recording oberservations to viewing field conditions, seeing economic impact, creating reports, and more.

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Projected Return on Investment

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