Essential agronomic systems in one powerful package

The Field Work Package of the Spensa AP powers all your most important functions, keeping you efficient and responsive.

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(Field Work now $295/year) Scouting Trapping Planning Sampling

Gather high quality data directly from the field

Use Spensa's intuitive scouting app to collect quantitative, agronomically relevant data about all the problems your team finds. Scouts' responses to problem-specific questions let you generate detailed, visual email reports with paths, photos, and more.

Make tracking pest populations simple

Record and visualize pest populations geographically, keep track of how they change over time, track pesticide applications, or set up and manage traps — all from the field.

Successful fields depend on a successful plan

From planting to harvest, we know your fields require a clear and comprehensive management plan. Spensa is here to help with easy-to-use tools for nutrient application, irrigation, and more.

Make soil sampling easy and efficient

The Field Work Package makes it easier for your samplers to collect soil, water, and tissue samples, and easier for you to interpret and apply the results. Efficient collection, simple submission, and clear presentation: Spensa makes it possible.

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