Spensa Twitter Poll #2: What Source Do You Mainly Rely On For Advice About Your Crops And When To Spray?

Your crops are one of the most critical assets you have, so asking the right questions and seeking information about issues, opportunities, and opinions is absolutely key. But in today’s day and age, information is available from every direction and it can be hard to know which source is best. On top of that, each source might provide different recommendations or viewpoints, making it even more challenging to decipher the best option for a specific situation.

At Spensa, we wanted to ask our audience where they go to find information about their crops and, more importantly, when to spray for pests such as insects, weeds, and disease.

Once again, we took it to Twitter and posed the question via a Twitter Poll. Similar to our last Poll, we reigned in the audience to those that live in the United States and indicated an interest in farming, growing, or agriculture. Just keep in mind that this is no scientific study and shouldn’t be viewed in that context.

How The Sources Stacked Up

So where does this polled audience get their advice? 37% of respondents rely on Universities and/or Media, such as publications, radio shows, or local networks. 27% rely on an Agronomist, sometimes referred to as a “Trusted Advisor”. 20% rely on their local Retailer and finally, 16% rely on a Scouting Software, like Spensa’s OpenScout.

Scouting Software Provides Room For Growth

While most rely on source like Agronomists, Retailers and Universities or Media—all of which are important channels for information gathering—there’s still a problem: the answers are rarely tailored to a specific grower, a micro-region, or a certain field. Those three variables can shift and change throughout the season, and the grower is the ultimate source of knowledge for his or her field.

With a Scouting Solution like OpenScout, growers can get access to relevant, uniform data collection and comprehensive, intuitive reporting.

While all sources provide important information throughout the growing and planning seasons, growers know their fields inside and out and, empowered with the right information, can make the best decisions for their needs in a timely manner based on all of the available data points.

Ready to Learn More?

Interested in seeing how you can put a Scouting Solution in place to make better pest decisions this growing season? Learn how you can get started today!

Spensa Twitter Poll #1: What Type of Pests Are Of Most Concern To You And Your Crops?


As the growing season is upon us, the Spensa team wanted to find out what kind of pests growers fear most as it relates to their row and specialty crops. Obviously no pest is a good pest, but which is the worst offender: insects, weeds, or disease?

Rather than make the assumption for ourselves, we took it to Twitter and posed the question via a Twitter Poll. We reigned in the polled audience to those that live in the United States and indicated an interest in farming, growing, or agriculture and received over 1,100 votes in total. While this is no scientific study and shouldn’t be viewed in that context, it does give us an interesting angle of what our audience believes about pests.

So which type of pest causes the most concern? Insects, but barely. While we anticipated this would be the highest rated answer, we didn’t expect the overwhelmingly close results, which you can see for yourself below:

Why Pests Can Mean Life Or Death To Your Crops

According to the 2012 US Census of Agriculture, farmers spend about $16.4B on chemicals each year, including insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and other pesticides, including costs of custom application. And even so, about 30% of crops are lost to pest damage which, in 2012 alone, equated to approximately $85B. 5 years later in 2017, that amount continues to rise even higher as pests of all sorts become resistant to applications.

Pest management hardware and software solutions can make it easier and cheaper to use applications more effectively, ultimately resulting in healthier, higher-yielding crops.

Make Smart Pest Decisions This Growing Season

This growing season, don’t let pests control the success of the crops you look after. Instead, consider adopting innovative ag technologies that can assist throughout the growing season, empowering you to make better, more efficient decisions about pests.

Spensa’s OpenScout scouting solution helps retailers, crop consultants and other trusted advisors demonstrate the value of their scouting service through relevant, uniform data collection, and comprehensive, intuitive reporting. With OpenScout, you can:

  • Easily record field observations
  • Send and view high impact visual reports
  • Create custom picklists to only see the relevant pests for that crop or region

Spensa’s Z-Trap automates the process of insect trapping and counting with internet-enabled smart traps. Users can monitor insect counts daily from a computer or smartphone to catch problems earlier, spray more efficiently, and save more crops. This first-of-its kind trap:

  • Is easy to deploy and maintain with batteries that last a full season
  • Comes equipped with year-round cell service
  • Has a unique detection sensor to detect target insects
  • Counts and reports target pests in near real-time

Interested in seeing how you can put these solutions in place to make better pest decisions this growing season? Learn how you can get started today!


Crop Tech Innovations Keep Coming

 Predicting Insect Patterns

Farm Industry News, a longstanding ag publication, recently posted a story about our new Dynamic Phenology capabilities. The article shares about how our team at Spensa has come up with a way to more accurately predict insect movements in near real-time.

The article explains that we call this capability “Dynamic Phenology and it makes use of trap data from a specific field to accurately predict future insect stages. For corn and soybean farmers, this may be valuable for monitoring aphid populations or corn rootworm migrations. The system pulls together real-time weather data and trap-based pest observations to predict different stages, including when insects hatch, and when they fly.”

To learn more about Spensa’s Z-Trap and Dynamic Phenology capabilities, visit spensatech.com. Interested in reading the entire Farm Industry News article? You can view it here.