Automated and connected insect monitoring

The Spensa Sentinel is a smart, automated, Internet-enabled insect camera trap that uses deep learning algorithms to count target insects in real time.

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Count and report your target pests

The onboard camera in the Spensa Sentinel detects, counts, and reports target pests in near-real time. The system is able to reliably distinguish between target and non-target pests.

Daily insect counts from the Sentinels lead to more precise biofix and phenology models, which results in better spray timing.

Access counts through mobile & web

Conveniently check your Sentinel trap counts through both mobile and web platforms, and view photographs of trapped pests on the web for verification. Spend less time checking traps and more time evaluating the entire health of your fields.

How much will I save?

Use the calculator below to see how an investment in Spensa Sentinels pays off.







Five-year savings of $ less five-year costs of $ yield a total ROI of $.


Better insect data is yours with the Sentinel

We'd love to show you move about how the Spensa Sentinel can make your pest tracking quicker, more efficient, and more cost effective. Just contact us for details!

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